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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Windhoek, Namibia

When I came rolling into Springbok I found a nice guest house to stop for the night.  As I pulled into the driveway I was greeted by Pierie who was also there with his wife Louise.  They had had some tire problems with their car and were force to spend the night also in Springbok.  We had a chat about cars and motorbikes for a good while.

   The following morning we meet again at breakfast and I mentioned my route into Namibia.  Louise gave me all kinds of information about traveling in Namibia and she made a point to tell me that I must take the gravel roads, the only way to discover Namibia.

    Pierie and Louise also made it a point to tell me that I must come visit them if I come to Windhoek.  After my visit to Etosha I decided to take Pierie and Louise on their offer.  They live on the  out skirts of Windhoek on a very pretty piece  of land with rolling hills like our Texas Hill country.  The biggest difference is that my friends back home who live in the Hill Country have deer coming to their back doors or lawns,  while Pierie and Louise have graphs, oryx, kudos and baboons coming into their back yards.

   Yes, I forget I'm in Africa.

     Thanks so much Pierie and Louise for all your advise and giving me a place to rest for a couple of days!!