Hank and the R1100GS

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    A long time motorcyclist and amateur photographer who has a passion for travel.    

    I have traveled extensively by motorbike in Mexico, Central America, South America, and Africa  photographing  people and places,  discovering new cultures, connecting with people of all ages, and learning their ways of life. 

    I'm often ask why travel by motorcycle?  The best answer is why travel any other way.  When traveling by motorcycle  you're  part  of the environment.  From the sounds of traffic to the smells of the forest, through rain, fog, and sunshine you'll see some of the most incredible views you would miss traveling by car or bus.

    Join me in my quest traveling from Texas to where the wind may blow.

R1100GS 1995

    I purchased the GS in 1996 with only 14,000 miles.   Never could I have imaged that this GS and I would ride almost half a million miles over the next few years.   This GS has seen much of the planet traveling over three continents of paved and unpaved roads.

    The most amazing thing is that the motor is the original motor that came from the factory,  it has never been rebuilt.   In fact,  I would say that about 75% of the bike is still original.

    The ride across Africa in 2014 was to celebrate a personal milestone for the  GS and I.   We traveled across 8 countries and 10,000 miles of gravel, sand, rivers crossing,  and paved roads. 

   It was not planned but most fitting that we arrived at the 500,000 mile mark at the southern most tip of Africa,  where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.