I can't image not wanting to travel the world.  Be it far or near there are to many cultures and places to see, discover, and absorb.  Traveling by motorbike is amazing but not the only way to travel.  If your planning a trip and need assistance or already on a journey and want to stop by Motohank's for a chat and a rest please visit us.

Services for Travelers

With extensive motorbike travel over 3 continents Motohank can provide the following services.

  • Information on required documents and insurance needs.
  • Proper motorbike set up with essential equipment and accessories.
  • Choosing the best clothing and riding gear.
  • Choosing the most essential tools to carry.
  • Packing the motorbike for extended travels. 
  • Advice on route and points of interest.
  • Located only one hour north of the Texas/Mexico border at Laredo.