Travelers to Motohank's



Dave who is from Australia rolled into Motohank's riding a Yamaha 175 two stroke.  It's been a long time since I've seen someone riding a two-stroke motorbike on the street.

Dave has been riding around California, Baja, and Northern Mexico for a while on this bike,  but he's also traveled quite a bit around the world on other adventures.

You can follow Dave on is Instagram or blog:  and

Sharah & Scott


Sharah and Scott stopped at Motohank's for a rest before heading on to Austin for the SXSW.  The riding pair have been exploring Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico for the last six months.
Sharah and Scott are filmmakers and photographers who have been traveling on their vintage Yamahas documenting adventures.  You can follow them here:

Joseph and Kim

After a five month trip up to Alaska and back,  Joseph and Kim from Texas are about to enter their next chapter in the life of motorbike travelers.   Joseph and I have traveled to Mexico a few times in the past.   I could see the fever that infects us travelers having its effect on Joseph.

Joseph and Kim have no time frame,  as the ride towards South America.   Joseph being an expert photographer,  make sure to follow their journey.   Follow them at the links below,   


Tibor & Ana

Tibor and Ana are from the UK.  They have started their trip in Alaska and are on an endless mission to explore the Americas.  They stopped into Motohank's for some last minute supplies before starting their next chapter!

Frank & Kate

Frank and Kate started their 7 months again in the Czech Republic.  Headed eastbound,  they rode across eastern Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and South Korea before shipping to the USA.  They rode to Alaska and back and are now preparing to start the Latin American part of their journey.

While on the ferry to South Korea they meet Jens,  and a few months later they have had their reunion here at Motohank's.

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Jens is from Germany,  he came to Motohank's on his return from Mexico.   Jens started his trip in Germany,  rode east across Eastern Europe and on to Russia.  Shipped his bike to Canada from Russia,  rode up to Alaska and then turned around and headed south to Mexico.

While on a ferry from Russia to South Korea he meet some fellow travelers from the Czech Republic.   Jen's and Frank & Kate (the Czech Couple) had a reunion here at Motohank's.


The return of Damien

Damien was here at Motohank's back in 2014.   Since then he has traveled to South America, jumped over to Southern Africa,  made his way to Europe turned east crossed Russia, Mongolia and on to South Korea and back to the USA before heading home.   

Along the way he added a side car to his GSA.

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Facebook :

The photo below is Damien's collection of memories in he's personal book.

Megan & Matthew

Megan and Matthew from South Africa arrived at Motohank's about three weeks ago.  They have been traveling for a year and half on BMW 800GSs.   They started their journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina working their way up to Texas having an amazing trip.  

After spending some time doing much needed repairs on their motorbikes they are now ready for the next leg of their adventures.  Ethiopia!

From Texas Megan and Matthew will ship to Ethiopia to start their way back to South Africa.   

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Kevin from Nevada, USA stopped into Motohank's for a little bit of repair and conversation before crossing the Rio Grande.  Kevin's about to start a new chapter in his life as a long term traveler.   He has his eyes focused on South America just to get his feet wet before he carries on to the rest of the globe.

You can follow Kevin at your favorite social media

face book :  Kevin Hinricksen ,  Twiter : @kevintrekstw ,   instagram : Kevintrekstw


Mark from Australia rolled into Motohank's for a fresh pair of tires and a chat.   Mark is on his way to South America,  having already traveled to Alaska.

JD and Dirk

Dirk (right) is on his way to South America and his friend JD (left) was along for a ride into Mexico.

Michnus and Elsebie

     When I was wondering around Africa last year I was invited to say at the home of Michnus and Elseble.  Two world travelers themselves,  having traveled from South Africa to Europe and back on BMW F650's,  they are now in my part of the world. 

   They decided it was time  to experience the Americas.    They arrived in San Antonio to spend some time at Motohank's preparing their bike for the next chapter of the world travel.  

   They will ride the Western USA for a few months before heading due south until the road runs out.

  You can follow their adventures on their website  or Facebook here :     and


   Anna from the Ukraine rolled into Motohank's for a quick visit.   Anna is on her Round the World trip that started in 2013 having traveled east across Russia,  Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the US and Canada.  Latin America is her next chapter as she heads for Mexico and South America, then Africa.

   Anna is following her dream of seeing  the world and is visiting schools, orphanages, or any groups of people to encourage them to have dreams and to pursue the dreams.

   You can follow Anna's website and Facebook here. 

The Ukrainian Flag


   Julien from France stopped by Motohank's for a new tire as he is on his way to Argentina, South America and then on to Australia.   He arrived in the USA about six weeks ago and has traveled the southern states and over to Big Bend.

   You can follow Julien's journey on is blog here:



    Long time friend from Nevada Cullen stop into Motohank's before a ride in Old Mexico.


Frank & Gabi

    I meet Frank and Gabi in Peru when I was traveling south a few years ago.   They are from Germany and we've stayed in contact over the years and now they've made it to my part of the world for a tour of Mexico and of course a visit to Motohank's.


    John from Washington state came down to Motohank's  for a quick visit and service before his trip into Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.   Hope to see John on is ride up.


    Traveling the world Elisa rode into Motohank's on a Honda 125 cc that she purchased in Chile.  Traveling up from South America she concord the worst and the highest roads the Andes could throw at her.  Central America and Mexico were no match for Elisa and the 125.  

     She's traveled Europe and Australia, she has the true spirt of seeing the world.   You can follow her here at her website:

The Pack Track

    Skyla, Stu, and Janell (L to R)  from  Australia arrived at Motohank's for a quick visit on their way south to Brazil for the World Cup.     Their stay here was a little longer than expected as I helped them prepare their motorbike for the long journey ahead of them.   As often the case, the most overlooked item is the suspension.   They also discover an error in some of the documents that needed attention. 
After attending the World Cup, the ride will continue on to Africa and beyond.

  You can follow them at their website:


Stu with Skyla in the tent.