Travelers to Motohank's

The Return of Jochen

    Jochen from Germany as some might remember is here for his 3rd visit.  Like Stu, Janell and Skyla, Jochen is at Motohank's to start his journey south to Brazil for the World Cup games.   Jochen is a veteran traveler so for him most of his time here was to visit and connect with other travelers.

  It takes Jochen about two hours to get ready for a long trip like this.



    Matt, from Minnesota stopped by Motohank's yesterday on his way to Mexico.   He's been to Mexico before but, this will be his first trip over land and even better,  by motorbike!



   Damien from France who now lives in Canada is about to start his leg of Latin America.  After the Americas he has plans to ride Africa.  He has plenty of time on is side to absorb cultures and beauty of the roads ahead of him.

You can follow him here on his blog:

From his blog you can link to his facebook that is also in english.


Gerardo, Pepe & Ramon

   About a week ago I have 3 travelers from Mexico stop by Motohank's for a visit and a break from the heat of the day.

They were on their way to the western parts of the USA to ride Route 66 and to experience the wonders of the Grand Canyon.

 On their return to Mexico they again stopped by for some service to the bike and relaxation for them before the long journey back  home.


    If the face looks familiar,  that's because Jochen has been here before.  Jochen is back from Germany to travel the USA's western states.  This trip is just a warm up before he too points his GS south on his way to Brazil for the World Cup games in 2014.


     Joe from Australia made a visit to Motohank's to give his new Triumph a final once over and to sit with me to review his maps and documents as he is about to enter his Latin American part of the American ride. 
   Joe is headed to Brazil with plenty of time to make there for the world cup.


     Frank from Germany can rolling into Motohank's a year after I meet him in El Salvador.  Frank has been traveling since 2010 working his way around the world.  

   He's got time on his side and is no hurry to rush the experience of the world, the best way to travel!


    Raul from Brazil stopped by Motohank's on his way back to South America.  After riding up as far as Alaska, Canada, and the upper Eastern USA, Raul is working he's way back home.


Headed South!  Matt along with his brother Bob and Rebecca have been planning a ride to Argentina from Kentucky.  They have been preparing for two years and finally its happening!  I given them a mouth full of dos and don't, have shown them some photos of what to expect.... the rest is an adventure that awaits them.

You can follow their blogs:





    Just arrived in to the USA,   Tony stopped in to Motohank's for some service work and a visit after being on the road for three months.  Coming from Cape Town, South Africa Tony started his trip in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Rode to the tip of South America  before turning north. 

   You can read about Tony and his friends adventures at:


Also if any adventure travelers are headed to Cape Town please contact Tony.

Rachel and Skip

   Traveling south, Rachel and Skip have gone the long way around.  Started their journey in Chile, traveled Argentina, Bolivia and Peru before having motorbike troubles.  Found a great deal on a bike in the USA and are now headed south.    

It was a great treat having stop by for a visit to Motohank's before riding into the sunset of Mexico.


    Max is from Germany who is traveling the world in a very nice Rover Defender.  Max has been on the road now for 20 months,  he started in Spain and has gone north traveling many countries in Europe,  Canada, the USA and is now headed south into Latin America.  If I couldn't travel by motorbike, this would be the way to go!  Just think of all the items I could carry and not worry about the weight!

   Max has a great website:



    Zane, from Australia is on a long North, Central, and South American journey.  Zane is also going to join my group to the Rally in Mexico.  From there he goes where the blows.


    Davis riding an R1200GSA is headed with my group to the BMW National Rally Mexico in      San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico.    From here Davis and friends Gordon and Steve will ride to Costa Rica.


Robert and Robert

Los Dos Robertos.  Just starting their big adventure across the America's, Africa, and Europe.  They spent two days at Motohank's getting their bikes ready.  You can read about their adventures at:

   Rob on the left rode from Canada and Rob on the right came for Michigan.

John and his wife

John is one of my local customers who was headed for the mountains of Colorado.  Packed their R1200RT with gear and loaded music on the iPod for their fun journey. 

Jochen and Susan

    In from Germany,  Jochen and Susan are touring the USA and then headed for Mexico.    Just before leaving for the US Southwest Jochen spent some time in at Motohank's reviewing his new R1150 Rockster.



  This is Gross from Germany traveling the US and Mexico.   Living in Mexico for a short while, Gross has had a great opportunity to ride some of the best roads in the Americas.


   Hap just returned from a ride to Baja with his brother Bob.   Having some small issues with his GS, Hap has re-vamped his R1200.