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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Namibia & Angola

One of the benefits with staying at Pierie and Louise's was that I got more detailed information on the Parks in Northern Namibia and some great advise on great points of interest.

   The day before I felt Windhoek a cold front came blow in.  I have to keep reminding myself that its winter here.   The morning I was leaving the temperature was down to 32 F as I discovered ice on the seat of the bike.  It did get warmer as I rode north but not the promised 80's or lower 90's.  

    This part of Namibia is called the Caprivi Strip and it borders Angola.   As you ride along the Okavango River you can see Angolan villages on the other side of the river.

     The landscape and people in this part of Namibia is very different for the southern and western parts.  The landscape turns greener and the trees are larger and the people are much more poor living in very simple mud and straw huts. 

     The strange thing was that the temperatures were still cold in this area and I found it difficult to see how the people around here could possibly stay warm.