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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

The Etosha Pan

   I arrived at the edges of the Etosha Pan reserve.  The pan makes part of the Kalahari Basin and is for the most part a dry salt lake.  I had been told by many that this was a place not to miss in Namibia and that I would surely see many wild life here.

    Like in Sossusvlei no motorbikes are allowed in the park and this time they have good reason.  Earlier in the trip when I was in Lüderitz I meet  Ulrike a traveler who now was also at the lodge where I was staying.   Because I couldn't get into the reserve on my bike Ulrike took me along in the car.

     Etosha was not a disappointment,  right away we started to see wild life.  The reserve is very large, it would take you days to drive around all the roads. Taking a tour with a guide is often the best way to see and learn about the animals.

    I pretty much saw all the big game here.  Herds of zebras, elephants, springboks, oryx and yes several loins and rhinos  fighting for the territory or the head of the heard.