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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Touratech ZA

     One of the other reasons I wanted to return to Johannesburg was to visit Touratech South Africa.   I had been in contact with Aldo who runs Touratech ZA during my time here Africa.  

    It took me a while to find the place as I missed the exit and was in city center again.   Finally finding the store and meeting Aldo in person he discovered that the bracket for the Touratech's shock preload adjuster was broken.  I commented that yea, it had happen some time back.  While I was looking at the bike more closely I also discovered that the exhaust extension I had made in Namibia had broken off.

   Aldo was fast to remove the shock's adjuster to have it repaired and I looked around for a piece of metal tube to make an extension.  In no time the bracket was re-wielded and I had the prefect tube for the extension.  With the exhaust tube Aldo found a clamp to use instead of welding a bracket.  It seems that the hard pounding of the bikes frame and suspension here in Africa is causing the exhaust to move and stressing the exhaust extension.   This should be real fix!