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After my visit to Victoria Falls I crossed the Zambezi River into Zambia  where I turned east. 

   No more tourist, no more 4x4 Land Cruisers and no more fancy lodges.   This part of Africa is the raw and very poor Africa.   Most people live in 4 by 4 foot grass huts.  No running water and of course not electricity.  Most of them are cattle or goat herders.   The amount of people walking or riding bicycles on the road out number car traffic by 50 to 1.

Which also has caused a small problem for me that fuel stations are far between one another.  When riding down the road you pretty much stay in the center of the lane,  and the lanes are not that wide to begin with.  The interesting part is when on coming traffic also driving in the middle lane and they or you can't move over because of the foot traffic.  It becomes a game of chicken,  who will move over first!  There have been a few close calls.  When you come into a town or village its almost impossible to make it across as it is clogged with people, cattle or goats.

   Crossing into Zambia was more to the border crossing I'm use too,  money changers coming at you from all directions, many people standing in line waiting for something that should only take a few minutes and over paying for visas.

   After all the formalities I was on my way, with the first stop being  a petrol station.  As I'm waiting for my turn for fuel I had more money changers try to sale me their monies at better rates.  One of the guys noticed my Hecho en Mexico sticker and ask if I could take some Mexican Pesos off his hand.  I never thought I would be trading Pesos in Zambia!

  Most of the men wear western clothing and the women wear some sort of western shirt with a traditional skirt or wrap.