Africa Blog

The Ride to Half a Million Miles


I entered the next Africa country,  Malawi.  A very small country that I was told is very pretty which it is  and that one problem it faces is over crowding.  I was told that their are as many people in Malawi as all of Zambia, being 5 or 6 times larger.  They were right,  I thought Zambia had people in the streets,  you haven't seen nothing yet!  The people traffic was crazy, along with cows and goats!  The people here seem to be a little better off but not by much, still very poor but the homes are and of clay bricks instead of straw.

  It is very hard to make headway here because you can not go faster than 45 or 50 mph because of the people in the road.

  Malawi has a lake that is 2/3 the length of the country with  waters that are very clear.  The tourist that you do find here are mostly on holiday by the lake.   Many of the locals also live along the lake making a living by fishing.

  For some days now I have been having troubles with my left arm,  some how I pulled or tore something, not sure what but the pain has been great and the arm has been rather useless.  I've also had this nasty oil leak with the fill cap for the engine oil that is a common problem with the1100/1150 GS's so I decided to take a couple of days to slow down, avoid the sandy roads if I can and rest and repair the bike as best as I can along the lake waters of Malawi.