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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Southern Coast

    I left East London in route to Port Elizabeth which would have me riding along the southern part of South Africa.   I was here before,  when I rode the Karoo with Tony at the beginning of the trip.

  This time the temperatures where colder.   The winds again coming off the coast where cold and strong.  I could see rain all around me but lucky me I had managed to pass around them.

   This section of South Africa is known as the Garden Route.  Major mountains running along the right side (inland) of me as I head west and green landscape with the ocean and cliffs to my left.   Traffic was very heavy today being a weekend.  My fastest speed was about 60.  Speed cameras as scattered along the way and I believe I may have triggered one of them as I saw a major flash as I crossed a large bridge.  We'll see if they send my a bill in the mail.

   Today was another long day of riding.  400 miles with very slow moving  traffic  cold weather had me worm down.  I wanted to make it a little further down the road but I could see a major down pour of rain ahead of me and I knew luck would not help me this time.  The next village was Stormsriver, and thats where I pulled off.  First thing,  get a place for the night, seconded thing,  hot chocolate to warm up.