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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

500,000 Miles

    Today should be the day,  I should make my mark!   I opened the door to the hotel and it was raining, very cold and very foggy.   I thought what a crappy day to mark my half a million miles!   So off I go,  into the traffic,  I had all the layers I brought with me on.  I don't mind the rain but cold rain with strong coastal winds is another thing.   Traffic was also heavy today.

     Not much excitement going on in my head other than trying not to get hit by other cars.  After 300 miles of this I saw the turn off for Route 319,  to Cape Agulhas  the southern most tip on the African continent.   Just as I took the exit the rains stopped.  I was now 60 some miles to the cape and I was 60 something miles to the long anticipated 500,000 miles.  Within  20 miles of the cape the skies opened and the sun started to come out!!

    As I rolled into the village of  L'Agulhas the odometer read 498,000.  At the end of the village It read,

    When I entered the nation park area I rolled in the 500,000 Mile Mark.   My Trusty GS had made it's Half  a Million Miles.