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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Shipping details

The day had come to return the bike back to Nick's shipping company.   I was sad to have to leave the African Continent.   I had been very welcomed here by many and it felt like home to me now.  I had also mastered driving or riding on the left side of the road!!   The rains had arrived and when I opened the garage door the rain was coming down sideways and the winds off the sea were cold, a true winter day in Cape Town.   I fought my way to the shipping yard still enjoying the lane splitting that the rest of the world allows.  I found my old shipping pallet and straps and with in 3 hours I had the GS packed and ready.

   It had been an amazing journey in Africa,  hard a times but  not impossible.  And its been an even more amazing 500,000 miles on my Trusty GS.  We have seen some much its hard to take it all in.  Just on this trip alone I believe I have taken over 8000 photos to help me remember all the places and people I have meet.  

    Will I get a new GS now?   I think not,  not yet,  plus the 1,000,000 Kilometer mark is not to far from here.  You never know.  As I rode the GS to the shipper I was still amazed at how smooth the motor idled even with all these miles.......