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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Return to Cape Town

On my return to Cape Town I was meet with new friends and old friends.   As I had mentioned before David had contacted me as I neared Cape Town and he was very interested in seeing the trusty GS.  He was new to the R1100GS and had many  questions about the longevity of the bike.  I basically  told him the best thing to do is just ride the bike.   Don't worry about the what if's otherwise you'll never leave.   I had a great time with David and he showed me some of his favorite roads around the Cape Town area.  The weather was still great but the forecast was not so good so it was time to get the last minute rides in.

    My old friends now were the Robbie, Adele and Franz who I meet in Namibia.   Robbie had offered me a place to stay when I returned back to Cape Town.   I stayed with Robbie and his wife Adele for a week as I sorted out the shipping details for the return of the GS.    Robbie and Franz  where great at making a braai (bar-b-que for the rest of us).  A true South African home has a braai built into the patio or kitchen and both Robbie and Franz where masters at cooking.  Adele also feed me well as cooking is one of her favorite past times.

     Franz to the left & Adele and Robbie,  thanks guys for hosting me and going way out of your way to making sure I was comfortable!!    Hope to see you in my part of the world soon.