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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Out for a Ride

I when for a short ride to Botswana,  Gaborone that is.   One of my customers from back home has some long time friends that live in the capital of Botswana and I wanted not only to say hello since I was in the neighborhood but,  also visit the southern part of the country.

    It was a very since drive,  but I got held up with border formalities that had me arriving in Gaborone at night.   One thing I really try not to do is ride a capital city late at night and not knowing where to go.  Its hard to reed traffic when your lost and can't tell if your in a good part of town or not.

   I finally found a backpackers,  out in the country.  I woke up to cold morning,  remember its winter  here below the equator.  The was a large big checking out my bike,   that was a first but, I have to say I've seen some strange things here in Africa.  The saying around here is This Is Africa!

   I mounted up and rode to city center as they also say in this part of the world.   Spent some time walking and visiting the Botswana's museums on its history and geography.

   I finally located the family I wanted to visit,  which was a farm just on the edge of the city.   I often call then ranches and I'm quickly corrected.  They are called farms.

   I'm getting closer to my mileage,  2000k to go!