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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

The Sands of Time

Riding across the deserts of Namibia you see the many different types of desert.  From rocky and jagged stones to the sandy dunes.   Along the way in the Gurab Plains near the tiny town of Aus you see groups of wild horses grazing along the road.

    My destination for the day was the port town of Lüderitz

on Namibia's south Atlantic coast.   As I neared the coast the air was cooler and damp,  the desert has changed from a rocky surface to  sand dunes and lava stones.

    This area has a history of having diamond mines.  Near Lüderitz is the  old mining town of Kolmanskop now a ghost town.  Much of the buildings and homes left behind have been  taken over by the sands of the desert.  A very surreal place to walk and explore.

    Just outside of Lüderitz is a point in the bay where a cross was erected by the Portuguese sailer Bartolomeu Dias

who is credited for sailing around  Africa's tip the  Cape of Good Hope.  Upon Dias return to Europe he reach the mouth of the Orange River and dedicated a cross to St James in the year 1488.