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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Metal Shop

   I left the lodge on the Orange river in search of a repair shop of some sort.   I had to cheat and only stay on "tar" roads and I was sure that any more rough roads would most definitely case the left pannier to come flying off.   I rode about 190 miles into the town of Keetmanshoop in need of fuel.  As I took the exit I just happen to see a shop with the name Pro Steel Metals, we fabricate,  just what I want to hear!!!   Because it was late in the day I pulled into a hotel next to the petrel station.  I got there just in time as a bus load of German tourist got there right after me.   Today first thing in the morning I rode to the metal shop and explained my problem.  No worries I was told in Afrikaans,  we can make anything.  With in minutes we were making the exhaust extension.

  Then it was on to the bracket.   We found the "just right" piece of metal and with a massive metal bender the Z shape was made.  A few rubs with the grinder and it was a perfect part.  All this took about an hour and soon I had a secure pannier again.

     I asked for the bill and the owner looked me in the eye and said $250, USD  and I thought wow that was pricey!   A moment later the owner came to me and said, no I meant R250 which is about $25. USD,  wow that was better.  I gave him R400  and said your prices are too cheap.  He was happy and I was happy.

   On to the next adventure!