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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Old Friends and New Friends

With all my time thinking about the bike shipment it was nice to have a distraction.  I got a call from John in Dallas telling me that he had meet two Australian travelers headed south and they wanted to stop by for a visit.  This would be Stu (L) and Janell (R) who were on the first trip across the Americas headed south to Brazil for the World Cup Games.   My old friend Jochen who I meet in Patagonia when I was on my Argentina trip was also due to arrive in a few days.

    I had spent some time in between bike work  preparing Jochen's 1150 GS.  So by the time he arrived I was ready to go.  Stu and Janell's 650 GS's needed some work before they entered into Mexico.  Nothing major,  mostly small details that are better addressed here than on the road. 

   To Jochen's amazement the discovered that they were all headed to the World Cup.   What was more amazing to Jochen was when he learned that Stu and Janell were traveling with their pet dog.   Stu and Janell were also the first ones to use Motohank's camp grounds (back yard).

   Once I had all bike ready for the long road ahead,  I took a couple of days off to ride with them into Mexico.  It always feels good to go to Mexico on a bike.

   The other news,  speaking of friends is that Damien who came to Motohank's back in the summer in now in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   He has just informed me that he is shipping is bike to Cape Town and should be there a few days after mine.   There is a good chance we could ride together.