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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Getting to Africa

   The latest in my motorbikes travel is that its on its way.  I did get some news that the arrival date has be pushed back another 8 to 10 days from when it should have arrived.  I can't even remember what the original date was a this point.

   One bit of drama was that as I discussed the details with both shipping agents in the USA and South Africa the word Carnet came up.  A carnet is for lack of a better word is like a passport for the motorbike.  It makes the entry of the bike much easier, almost like have to pay for a bond, that says that you promises to remove the motorbike from country by a given date.  Some parts of the world require a carnet, in the Americas North or South do not require one.   For Africa

only Egypt requires one. Other counties in Africa recommend one but not needed. 

   A few days after the bike left Houston I got a message from my agent in Cape Town asking me if I had already purchased a carnet,  that it was require before the bike's arrival.  This sent me into a tizzy as I thought I had resolved this issue.   My other problem was that I could not buy a carnet here in the USA,  we have to buy it from Canada Car Association.  Just the cost of the process was $1000, plus the deposit for the bond.   Well after several calls and emails and Skype call with my friend Tony,  I think we are good from not needing a carnet for South Africa.  But if I want to leave South Africa for another country I could face a problem.  So that's the latest on the arrival of the Trusty GS.