South America Blog

   This is the journey I have always dreamed of,  to ride my motorcycle across the Americas. 

   Follow me as I travel south from Texas to the tip of South America on my BMW GS.   

    Here's a view of the  Map 

Mar del Plata, Argentina

From Puerto Madryn I traveled north to Mar del Plata which was a large resort city on the Atlantic coast of Argentina.  It had many high rise condos and very fancy and expensive places to dine and shop.  It was a pretty city.  The beaches, for the most part, were very organized.  They had hundreds of little tables with umbrellas lined up in rows that people could rent on the beach.  I was lucky to be in Mar del Plata in the middle of the week, otherwise I would have had to deal with weekend beach crowds.

The area is also a surfer hangout.  I could see them having a good time on the waves all day long.

My GS finally received some much needed attention.  I wanted to wash the GS ever since I set foot in South America.  While the weather was nice I managed to locate a place where I could wash it.  Besides, at this point I was not planning on riding on gravel road any more.

The GS almost looks new now!  And ready for more adventure