South America Blog

   This is the journey I have always dreamed of,  to ride my motorcycle across the Americas. 

   Follow me as I travel south from Texas to the tip of South America on my BMW GS.   

    Here's a view of the  Map 

Copan Ruins, Honduras

After departing from Flores, Guatemala I headed toward the Honduran border.  The last time I was here my border crossing experience was not enjoyed, so I decided I would try a different crossing location.  The last time took over seven hours to get past customs and I did not want that again.  I was worried that this time it would be more of the same.  To my surprise it was much easier this time around.  The location that I selected as a cross point was much smaller than the one used prior and it had very light vehicular traffic.   It only took me a grand total of 45 minutes from exiting Guatemala to entering Honduras.  It was absolutely unbelievable, but great.

I planned to visit the Copan Ruins, another Mayan site located in Honduras.  The town of Copan is located just outside of the ruins and it reminded me of Flores with its many little hotels, restaurants, and gift shops waiting for the tourists to arrive.

The ruins were interesting and well worth the visit.  They reminded me of the ruins of Uxmal in the Yucatan of Mexico.  The complex was not as big as Tikal; however, what made this site interesting were the giant stone statues and carvings on the buildings.  The carvings had a lot of detail and had been well preserved.  The buildings had huge trees growing on them.  It seemed that the roots had spread and were growing over everything.

Mayan Ruins of Copan