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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Swazi Again

It rained the entire night and the morning was very nasty wet and muddy.  Today I had to leave.   The night before Carlos from the dealer had dinner with me and the drove me around the area showing me different place to see and giving me some of the local history.

    I stopped by the dealer again as it was on my way and had a visit with Wayne and Carlos.   Wayne was sure the sun was coming out and insisted on having the bike power washed to remove all the mud from the days before.

   After more than an hour of washing the GS never looked so clean.   And to make my visit to Swaziland official,  Wayne place the Swaziland flag decal on the pannier.  And Wayne was correct, the sun was shinning.

   Thanks to the guys at Carson BMW,  they where fantastic and went way out of their way to help a traveler.

   If your in the neighborhood make sure you stop by to see Wayne.