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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Kruger Park

I've heard a lot about the Kruger Game Park in South Africa.  It is a huge place.  I can't even remember how many miles the park is but it would take you months to drive all the areas.  Like Etosha  there are tours of all kinds and all the big 5 game animals are there.   I signed up for  a morning tour which had us coming across many elephants and one lion.    I also signed up for a walking tour, which was fun.   We are picked up in the early morning and taken to an area not normally accessible by car traffic.  From there you have two guides with guns taking us on a 3 hour walk.  Its all luck, you may find some game or not see any thing.

    We started our walk and after about 45 minutes the guides spotted some white rhinos, a pair.  As we walked in their direction we heard the very loud roar of a male lion.  We waited for  a few minutes then changed directions towards the lion.   We got very close to him but at some point he heard us and took off in the other direction.   At this point we turned back towards the rhinos and were able to get close them , about 50 yards!