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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Kasane, Botswana

I was in the region where four countries meet  Angola, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.  Chobe National Park is so large that it crosses all four countries.   I was told to not to be surprised to see elephants grazing along the highway or seeing other wild life in the roads.  Once you enter the park its about 100 miles to the town of Kasane, Botswana.

   I arrived at the border post like all the others before,  looking for the immigration office but, this time things where different.  One,  you have to drive the cars/bike into a pool of pesticide  but before you do that you have to step out of your car and walk on a matt with the pesticide, thats everybody in the car!   After that a border guard comes running out yelling to be careful if the elephant,  there was an elephant out on the road and seemed to be mad for some reason and was trying to charge.  Lucky for me that when I went past the elephant found some fruit on a palm tree and never noticed me.  Thats a first for me,  elephants at the border crossing.  Finally I got my documents and was officially in Botswana.   Sure enough as I rode down the highway I spotted zebras and buffalos and more elephants in the distance.   Somewhere along the way I had to stop at a check point and just 5 feet from me were a group of warthogs grazing.   As I rode down the highway a car stopped to let some more elephants cross, the as I looked over my left shoulder I saw a large group of elephants coming at us.  About 25 came out of the bush at a fast pace crossing just behind me.  I think I'm in Africa!

  The guide books say not to be surprised to see wild life walking the streets of Kasane which is about the size of Dilley.  And yes there was wild life in the streets of the town.