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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Headed for East London

    Today would be a long day of riding .   My goal was to make it to East London a city on the Indian Ocean side of Africa.   The distance was about 400 miles,  the problem would be small two lane roads, lots of road construction and I  was warned about plenty of live stock grazing on the road  along the way.

    The day started out a bit on the warm side but once I turned away form the ocean and headed inland the road started to climb in altitude and yes the temperatures started to drop.   The landscape was beautiful,  rolling hills and valleys with major mountains in the distance.   Along the way I past the small town of Qunu,  which was very busy with traffic.  I discovered this is Mandela's final resting place.

    I was held up often by the construction of the roadways and the sun was dropping behind the mountains again making it colder.   I started to push harder passing when I could.  As I rounded he curve Mr Policeman points to me to pull over.   He just happen to notice that I was passing in a double solid line.   He showed me the rule book and said I wasn't allowed to pass in these areas,  not even motorbikes.

   I mentioned I was in a hurry as I still had 100 miles to go and I didn't want to ride at night, plus I was cold.  I asked him,  aren't you cold?  He said,  yes my hands are freezing,  then he gave me a smile and said keep going!  Great!!