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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Harare, Zimbabwe

    I crossed back into Zimbabwe to see the city of Harare and to visit my friend I meet in Cape Town,  Marianne.

     By the time I got to Harare my left arm was in more pain again.  It was to the point where I couldn't lift the arm to close the visor on the helmet.   Marianne suggested I better have the arm looked at.   So I when to a local walk in clinic to see a doctor.   After reviewing the arm and the movement he had me go down to a imaging center to have some images (ultra sound) made.   The good new was that nothing was torn or broken,  I did have some minor swelling and an irritated muscle.  Not sure how it happen but it could be a result of a lot of the pounding from the gravel roads.   I was given some heavy duty meds to relax the muscle and help with the pain.   All this medical work had a cost of $130.!!

     Marianne also introduced me some very close friends of her,  Judy and Gordon who invited me for dinner.

    I had a great time Judy and Gordon trading stories over dinner.