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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Where to go

Well after a well over due post and update I have to catch up many for my last blog post.

   After my return home after several months of riding the country side in South America,  I found myself needing a place to start making a living, fixing BMW motorbike of course.

   In May of 2009 I started Motohank BMW Motorcycle Service.   With my joy of working on BMW motorbikes and my passion for travel I thought what better way to stay connected with both worlds.   Along the way I've manage to build a great business but,  as word got out that I was a well informed traveler I started to get other travelers coming to Motohank's for a visit and advise.  For me, this is great but, I found myself wanting to close shop and take off with the travelers.  As we all know that's not always the best way to make a living unless you have a rich uncle that will pay for your fun.

   Though the nice thing about working for myself is that I can be more flexible with my time and still manage to ride to Guatemala or El Salvador when the travel fever hits.  Along the way I manage to add more and more miles to my trusted GS.   Fast forward now and I'm at 490,000 miles.  Over the years I would think of different places to ride to.  Europe?  Asia?  Australia? Mongolia? or Africa?    Well now I find myself at less than 10,000 miles from half a million miles and after staring at the map I choose Africa.  I've never been to Africa,  and with my passion to learn new cultures, and of course with photography and the rustic landscape I had to choose the most perfect place for my GS to calibrate it's 500,000 mile stone.