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Waiting Game

Today was a major disappointing day.  Once again the Shipping Company in Houston dropped the ball.

   Any time you start to talk about shipping a bike from one place to another you have to factory in delays.  Its part of the game.  Many times these delays are beyond anyones control and then there are the delays caused by mismanagement.  This has been the case with me on this journey.  

    When shipping to anyplace beyond your country there are 5 groups of people involved.  1.Customs on both sides of the countries.  2, Its required by most countries to heir a bonded shipping agent also at each of the counties to manage documents for the import and export of the bike. 3,  The shipping company itself  be it an airline or sea freight shipper.

    On the out bound from Houston I was recommended LYNDEN INTERNATIONAL, a major company that handles freight all over the world.   My problems started when they missed the original shipping date because of an over sight. This caused me a two week delay.  The bike was now schedule to leave on the 29th March instead of the 15th.   After the some issues with an inspector and me having to drive to Houston to sort out the problems I get the news that bike had left Houston  to arrive in Cape Town on the 30th April.   As I'm about to leave Texas, I get a notice that the arrival date was now May 7th.  Not sure why the delay this time but I had to deal with it as sometimes these things happen.  

    So the latest drama happen on Friday the 9th.  The local agent got approval from customs to retrieve the bike but then the freight company put a stop to everything because of a booking mistake from LYNDEN INTERNATIONAL in Houston.  This happens at 5:00 pm South African time which meant that no bike till Monday or Tuesday at best.

     I can't tell you how disappointed I am with LYNDEN INTERNATIONAL and the way they have handled this freight.  I have lost about 4 weeks of times due to very simple mistakes that should not have happen.  The other factor is the cost.  Having to change flights, hotels, just to name a few.

    I have my Africa Map in hand,  just need to get my bike back.  

    As I aways say it better to just ride it there...... could be a while before I get back home if I decide to ride it back!!