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The Ride to Half a Million Miles


    I left Sossusvlei early for my next destination of Swakopmund.  I had read about this very cool and interesting german community on Namibia's coast.

    More gravel roads about 250 miles today and like yesterday pockets of loose sand that have a way of surprising you when you least expect it.  The country side was very pretty with open fields of a yellow grasses that grow on the prairie and framed by the jagged mountains in the distance. 

I came zipping along the road when a sign caught my eye.

I had just crossed the Tropic of Capricorn.

    As I rode across the desert its very interesting to see how the landscape changes.  I left the orange sands of Sossusvlei  crossing into the rocky mountains and now I was back into the white sands of Swakopmund.   About ten miles before the coast line I could see a white blanket of fog.   As I entered the fog the temperatures to me as if they had dropped by 20 degrees.  The seas where very rough and the waves where huge.  Sometimes I could see that the waves had over taken the coastal road.

    After finding a hostel for the night and finally getting out of the cold fog I was out to explore and find something to eat.

   The city is very german with the building architecture and of course the restaurants offer mostly german food.  8 out of 10 tourist were German.   Back in Lüderitz  I meet a group of German tourists on a green bus touring Namibia and it was funny to keep running into them.