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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Rooiberg Pass

Today we left Barrydale after a good breakfast and started our way next stop.  We were on scenic dirt roads right way.   Much like Patagonia but with out the high winds.

     Winter is coming and the mornings are a bit cold,  Tony my guide for the week had a nice coffee stop planned already.  We rode into a tiny village of Van Wyksdorp.   In the middle of nowhere your find a hip coffee and book exchange cafe.

    After a nice hot chocolate and some time to relax and talk to some of the locals.   The area around here has some folks who come here to get away for the fast pace of the large cites.   The way of life here is very simple, which is the main charm to many.

    We moved on to the next scenic roads this time more challenging and we were to cross the Rooiberg Pass.   Lucky for me that the hardest parts of the road were down hill into the valley.  This area has shale formations that turn the roads into steps.  Sometimes nice and easy steps but, other times very hard to maneuver with large stones or ruts in the way.  Much of that section was a No Stop area,  you had to keep your momentum.  Couldn't stop for photos here.

    After we got past the Rooiberg Pass  we stop in the larger town of Calitzdorp  to buy food for the night.  Tony had made arrangements for a cabin in the valley up the road.