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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Headed to Cape Town

After a world wind month before and a really crazy week before leaving, the day to head to the airport arrived.

    It was a total of 3 plane changes with the longest being a 15 hour leg.  Most of the time I can do well with these long flights but this time I couldn't.  The plane was full but very roomy, even for the cheapest seats.  My problem was I just couldn't get comfortable and it didn't help that I wore my riding boots.  Finally after two movies and three meals and many leg craps I arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I finally made it to the African Continent.   The airport in Johannesburg was small compared to the ones in the USA which was nice.  It was also a bit warm so having to carry my pannier bag and riding jacket though out the airport trying to find my way to customs and immigration was starting to wear me out.  Finally I got the official stamp on my passport and a welcome to South Africa.  I always wonder why  I'm not greeted with a welcome when I arrive back home, instead  I get the "what do you have with you" and "we need to search your things". 

  After getting passed all the official requirements, its off to the next gate for the last flight of the trip Cape Town..  While in line at customs a lovely lady standing behind me asked if I rode a BMW,  her husband had just sold a GS.  I told her the history of mine R1100GS and why I was here!