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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Exploring the Cape Area

Still waiting for news on the bike and its arrival I've had lots of time. on my hands.  I did manage to do a little bike work the other day.   After talking to Tony about his bike we discovered that he was over due for some maintenance.         

    Off to the auto parts store we went for the needed tools.   After the maintenance work and a minor injury to my finger I decided that it was time for me to get back to sight seeing.

    I've gone or been taken to many of the sights out side of the Cape Town area.   From vineyards to beach fronts to neighboring collage towns like Stellenbosch, I have yet to find one place  that I don't like.    If I haven't said this before  Cape Town and area is a must visit!

    One thing that has been great about the people of South Africa is that the people have been beyond friendly.   I have meet many new friends since I've been here.  One funny thing is that my name - Hank - throws them for a loop.  Many think of a "Hank" as a big or tall beer belly bike guy wearing a leather vest and chaps, Oh and a cowboy hat!!   Far from me.

   I can't wait for the bike to arrive so that I can start exploring beyond here.  I can't wait to start crossing other borders to experience what they have to offer.

  One thing that make me sad is when I meet a fellow rider like the one today at lunch who just got back from the USA. 

He was at Daytona Bike Week and wanted to explore Mexico.  And like most of the people in the USA who live in fear of their own shadows in gated communities who ever leave their own country to explore ,   oh and yes have to have a gun,  tell others like my South African friend not to go to Mexico because its dangerous.  When the truth is that they have never been.   I often invite my fellow Texas riders to join me or encourage them to go to Mexico or beyond but 95% of the time I get a no it's scary place and I don't know the language.  Well its about time to learn a new language and start living a richer life.  I didn't put 490 k miles on my GS by  only riding the Texas Hill Country .

    Speaking of language,  I've heard many different languages here,  the two most common being  English and  Africon/Dutch.  Of course many many of other indigenous languages.

     Since arriving here,  and as many who know me can imagine that I've taken many photographs already.  Below are just a handful of the nearly 1000 taken.  I hope you enjoy them.