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The Ride to Half a Million Miles

Back Packers

After the long and exhausting day of rivers and canyons we headed to the coast.   Tony had booked us a spot at a hostel or back packers place.   Plett was the closest village.

We weren't the only ones at the hostel.  Hostels can be fun at times because you meet other travelers and trade stories.

    The next morning came very fast as I was very tired and slept like a rock.   We followed the coast road before turning back into the mountains for one more canyon pass.  The skies were gray and I could see rain was not far way.   Tony turned off for our last dirt road of this 7 day loop.    I couldn't remember the name of the pass so as we rode along I saw a sign with the name Montagu Pass.  The sign was right at the curve of the road with a downward angle.  I stopped at the top of the curve to photograph the sign so that I could remember later.  It was windy as the rains were following the wind.  A strong gust of wind shook the bike some and I didn't have my hands on the handle bars as I was reaching for the camera in the tank bag.  I quickly put my right foot down to brace the bike and discovered that there was no ground.   The weight of the bike was too much to fight and over we went.  At this point the GS is upside down  and pointing down hill.   Those who know me know I rarely drop my GS, so you can imagine how unhappy I was. 

   I couldn't get the bike up because I was pushing uphill with a wet dirt road.  What I had to do was grab the front tire and spin the entire bike 180 degrees  plus the side stand would be on the best side.  On the forth try I was able to upright the GS packed with all the gear.  Lucky that the only damage was to the big fog lights,  so off they had to come.